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Stress is like blood pressure: we need a certain amount of it to function optimally, but too much can be counterproductive, even dangerous.
Stress is a result of external stressors and our response to them. It can also be due to troubling internally-generated emotions. Stressors can hit any of us at any time and rise our stress level to an abnormally high level. School, work, and emotional problems are common sources, as are family issues and personal challenges.

Seeking help and support is not always easy. We at EMDR Plus make it simple and reassuring.
Contact us. We will listen carefully to what you say and guide you to a course of action that will help you reach your goals, whatever they might be.

All communications are private and confidential. The first contact is free and anonymous.

Please contact us as soon as you feel able.

Accelerated EMDR

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Remote EMDR

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