Children & Adolescents


“I am so glad I came to see you! My son has left behind many months of nightmares and is so happy now.”

Children and adolescents are like sponges, aren’t they? They are constantly learning, and they amaze us with how they perceive the world around them.

As parents and care givers,  we are keen to provide the best opportunities and support for our children’s development as they grow into accomplished, well-adjusted adults. In spite of this, no matter how much we care for them, bad things can happen. Both children and adolescents can go through difficult times that make them feel unhappy.

You may wonder when it is OK to leave the problem to ‘resolve itself’ and when some professional intervention is needed. The truth is that although children are resilient, issues that are not resolved in timely manner can sometimes become a major problem later on.

EMDR is a powerful therapy that has been proven to help children, adolescents and adults alike overcome their emotional and psychological distress effectively. Not only is EMDR recommended by the World Health Organization and other international agencies around the world, but it is also usually faster at resolving problems than conventional therapy.

How to know if your child/adolescent needs help

“Acting out” behaviour serves to reduce stress and is a child’s way of expressing otherwise hidden emotions, including frustration, fear and lack of confidence. Unlike adults, children are often not able to use words to explain that they have a problem. You might just see tantrums, bad school performance, difficulty in making friends, or jealousy towards siblings. The good news is that all these problems and more can be resolved with EMDR within a few sessions.

To find more about how EMDR can help your child overcome his or her problems visit our resources page to find a qualified EMDR practitioner local to you. You can also download a free copy of “The Story of Jo: Explaining EMDR to Children A Guide for Children and their Parents.” currently in English and Spanish

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