Intensive EMDR

Accelerated EMDR image

“Very intense and rewarding work in the end. I’ve never seen so much change in such a short time.”

We hear people saying that “time is money” In reality, “time is life”. Life we can use to do things that really matter to us. Most talking therapies argue that you need to be patient and be open to the possibility that therapy can take a long time to be effective.  EMDR is different. It works faster as sessions can be scheduled more often. This means you can resolve your problem sooner and save both time and money. Intensive EMDR is not only very effective, but also very practical, as a few days’ work can result in the completion of therapy within 4-5 weeks rather than after many months. An accelerated program of  Intensive EMDR  makes sense for people who are too busy to commit to ongoing therapy for long periods of time, or have to travel long distances for support. If you think this accelerated approach suits you, please ask your EMDR practitioner if they offer this service. You can find  details of qualified EMDR practitioners worldwide here

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