Can EMDR Help Me?

EMDR is a state of the art form of psychotherapy that has been found very effective in overcoming distress and reaching personal and professional goals. It has been endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence in the UK. The health systems of Australia, The Netherlands, Israel and France also advocate its use. EMDR can be used for resolving a wide variety of problems. It works well with adults, adolescents and children.

EMDR can be used to help a person who feels dissatisfied with life for no apparent reason, or for someone who knows exactly what the problem is and wants to resolve it. EMDR facilitates recovery by focusing on what the root of the problem is at a neurological level. You may have noticed that one problem you have also affects other areas of your life. EMDR is likely to improve that area of your life too. There’s no point in trying to manage the symptoms when a better long-term solution is available.  Since its discovery in 1987, EMDR has helped millions of people around the world attain their goals.

For information about where to find  qualified EMDR practitioners look at the resources page that contains a list of EMDR associations around the world where qualified practitioners are listed.

To learn more about what EMDR can do for you, you can download the FREE guide EMDR A State of the Art Approach to Bring About Change: The Client’s Guide or read the stories of real people who overcame adversity with EMDR.

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